Informed Choices offers the following FREE services:

Free Pregnancy Test

Whenever you have sex, there is a chance for pregnancy. A missed period is the most common indication, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you are pregnant. If you think you may be pregnant, please contact us for an appointment to take a FREE and confidential pregnancy test. We will provide you with a lab quality pregnancy test, and you will receive the results during your appointment...Read more


Getting a lab quality pregnancy test and an ultrasound are the first steps you can take in making informed choices about your health.

Before making a pregnancy decision, contact Informed Choices about a free limited obstetrical ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy is viable. Your ultrasound scan will be performed by a registered nurse and read by a physician to confirm that your pregnancy is in the uterus, measure development, and to check the baby’s heartbeat.

Sometimes certain health concerns require medical attention that Informed Choices does not provide and we encourage the pursuit of medical care with a physician.

Nurse Consultation

Registered Nurses are available to administer pregnancy tests, confirm pregnancy, as well as perform ultrasound scans. They are also available to discuss your pregnancy concerns and symptoms..

Pregnancy Options Counseling

Our trained client advocates are here to meet with you in private sessions to discuss your specific situation and circumstances. In addition to answering any questions you have, she will talk with you about your pregnancy, and will provide factual information to you regarding all of the options open to you, including Parenting, Adoption, and Abortion

Adoption Information & Referrals

Depending on your specific circumstances, adoption might be an option for you. Adoption is different than it used to be. Positive changes have taken place in how adoptions are organized, and this decision can provide a lifelong plan for the baby’s security and care...Read more

Support for Fathers

We know that unplanned pregnancies greatly impact the men involved too. Your thoughts and feelings matter. We offer counseling specifically tailored to men through our Men’s Life program. Additionally, men often need help with parenting skills and the Men’s Life program is designed to equip you with skills to be an effective father. Call us today for a confidential appointment...Read more

Post-Abortion Support

Women who have chosen abortion at some point in their life may experience grief, anger, depression and guilt. Informed Choices offers a safe, confidential environment to work through the emotions associated with your abortion, no matter how long ago it happened.

Community Referrals

Informed Choices supports human service programs designed to address the needs of our clients. By contacting us we can provide you with information about a broad range of available services.

Proof of Pregnancy

In addition to offering free pregnancy testing and limited obstetrical ultrasound examinations, Informed Choices will be pleased to furnish Proof of Pregnancy verification which you may need to obtain services from public health departments or other agencies and resource providers. Contact us if you would like to discuss this service.

Prep 4 Life

Our vision is to assist each young mom and dad by equipping them with the skills they need to have a positive pregnancy and to understand their baby’s needs. We’ll walk with you during your pregnancy and the birth of your child, offering education on how to effectively and lovingly give birth and parent your infant and toddler. These individualized lessons will provide you with important information while earning points to use on items from our resource center.

Baby Items

We have new and gently used clothing that may be purchased with Points earned from participating in our Prep 4 Life and Parenting programs. In addition we have other baby items like diapers, wipes, formula, baby food, and occasionally strollers, highchairs, etc.

Diaper Bank (Crystal Lake Only)

Informed Choices can help you with diapers for your baby. At your first visit you’ll need a current ID and you will be asked to fill out a confidential Diaper Bank Intake form. Each month thereafter you may come into the Crystal Lake location to receive your diapers, subject to availability.

Spiritual Support

In addition to physical and emotional support, and the provision of resources, we also offer spiritual support to those who desire it. This is entirely optional, but many of our clients find great comfort in knowing about and experiencing God’s love for them in their time of need. Please contact us if you would like more information on this topic.

Areas Served

About Informed Choices

Informed Choices is a non-profit organization with a goal to serve and benefit our community. It is our passion and commitment to provide compassionate care, practical help, and accurate information to men and women facing pregnancy decisions or past abortions.


Grayslake Center
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Crystal Lake
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Text: 847-421-1446

Informed Choices does not perform or refer for abortions

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