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Call for your Confidential Appointment

Call the Center location most convenient for you—Crystal Lake in McHenry County or Grayslake in Lake County—and request an appointment. Often we can fit you in on the same day you call or the next day that Center is open.


Pregnancy Consultation

You will be given a simple intake form to fill out with your basic personal information and asked for a photo id. You will then be joined in one of our comfortable, private counseling rooms by a trained Options Counselor. Your Options Counselor will talk with you to understand your unique situation and specific concerns. She will give you complete information on all of your pregnancy options and answer any questions you may have.


Pregnancy Test

You will be asked to provide a urine sample, and we will provide you with the results from a lab quality urine pregnancy test at no charge. If you need Proof of Pregnancy Verification it will also be provided free of charge.



If your pregnancy test is positive, you may meet with our nurse to determine if you also qualify for a free ultrasound The ultrasound can confirm if you are actually pregnant, that the pregnancy is in your uterus, and tell you how far along the pregnancy has progressed. You will see the ultrasound images live at the same time as they are viewed by the nurse who will gladly explain what you are seeing in the images.



After your ultrasound is complete, a nurse and/or Options Counselor will be there to discuss your options.

Our centers are comfortable, professional environments, and you will be treated with the utmost care and respect. Our goal is to provide you with as much information as possible regarding all aspects of your pregnancy so that you can make an informed decision on how you wish to proceed – we are here to answer your questions with facts and compassion. We will never judge you, profit from your choice, or pressure you into any decision. All services offered by Informed Choices are free of charge.

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About Informed Choices

Informed Choices is a non-profit organization with a goal to serve and benefit our community. It is our passion and commitment to provide compassionate care, practical help, and accurate information to men and women facing pregnancy decisions or past abortions.


Grayslake Center
Call: 847-231-4651
Text: 847-650-5864

Crystal Lake
Call: 815-455-0965
Text: 847-421-1446

Informed Choices does not perform or refer for abortions

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